Our Employees Make a Difference

At the AIU, our employees are our most valuable asset.  Whether it is helping children with disabilities, giving services to families in need, or teaching educators how to build stronger schools, our employees make a difference in the lives of others.  We help children and adults learn and grow.  We give hope to those who know only hopelessness.  Do you want to help people in a well-paid, rewarding career?  Then read on.

About the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU)

The AIU is an arm of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and was created by the state legislature in 1970.  With about 2,000 employees, the AIU is the largest of the 29 intermediate units across the state.  The AIU oversees over 130 programs and serves many groups in society including children with disabilities, at-risk families, adjudicated youth, adults and teen parents, among others.  The AIU's employees include teachers, teaching assistants, teacher's aides, principals, social workers, family development specialists, administrators, and support staff.  At the AIU, everyone makes a difference.


Before applying to a particular position, we encourage you to browse our programs/employment links below in order to familiarize yourself with our organization.


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