Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if I qualify for a job?
A. The Allegheny Intermediate Unit specifies minimum criteria for each open position in all advertisements. Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically qualify you for an interview. Please refer to the Hiring Process.

Q. Is there room for advancement within the AIU?
A. Yes. All open positions are initially posted internally for qualified employees to express interest. In order to prepare for the next step in your career, the AIU encourages and supports all employees in their continued educational and professional development experiences. We also offer tuition reimbursement for qualified employees.

Q. What is PSERS?
A. PSERS stands for (Pennsylvania Public School Employee’s Retirement System). All AIU employees who work 80 days or 500 hours are automatically enrolled into PSERS when hired. Employee’s contribute 7.5% of their annual salary to this retirement system. Employees are fully vested after five years. When fully vested, the AIU matches your 7.5% and the state matches your 7.5% for all five years worked, along with years of service going forward. For more information, visit the PSERS website at

Q. How do I know if my application is complete and I am being considered for an interview?
A. Every application includes a checklist of items to be completed, along with a postcard, which will be sent to you listing any items that are outstanding. Once your application is complete, a specialist from the Human Resources Department may call to set up an interview. All applications are kept on file for one year.

Q. Can I send my resume in for a position that is not currently listed?
A. Yes. The AIU encourages all potential candidates to submit their resume and cover letter for any position that may become available in the future. Resumes that are received for positions not currently open are reviewed and filed appropriately for when a similar position becomes vacant.

Q. Can I stop in and speak with someone from the Human Resources Department about employment opportunities?
A. Due to the volume of applicants in our organization, HR cannot accommodate “walk-in” candidates to be considered for employment.  All candidates must initially send a resume and cover letter to or mail to 475 East Waterfront Dr. Homestead, PA 15120 Attn: Human Resources.  If you meet the qualifications for a particular position, you will be contacted.

Q. Do I have to have current Act 151/34 (Child Abuse and Criminal) Clearances before I am considered for employment?
A. Yes. Obtaining current clearances (within one year) is a part of completing the application packet for employment. Any candidate that is interested in entering education, social work, or a related field must posses current Act 151/34 clearances to be employed by any organization.  A Current Act 114 clearance (FBI Criminal History Report) is required upon hire.

Q. Do I have to have current Act 114 (FBI) Clearances before I am considered for employment?
A. Applicants will not need to have the FBI clearance processed in order to be considered for an interview. However, candidates that are identified for employment will be required to obtain an FBI Criminal Clearance History Report at their expense. The cost of the clearance is $40.00. Please note that this clearance does not replace the Act 34 PA State Criminal Clearance. For additional information regarding the FBI Criminal History Report please go to:

Q. I am currently in school and want to set up an internship with the AIU. How do I go about doing this?
A. For information about the possibility of interning at the AIU, please call the Director of Human Resources at 412-394-5957 for more information. Please note that the AIU is an educational facility. Although we have two Occupational Therapists on staff, one Audiologist, several School Nurses and employ Instructional Assistants to work in the classrooms, we do not employ occupational therapy assistants, nurses' aides, or personal aides.

Q. I have an Elementary Certification and want to substitute teach for the AIU. How do I get on the substitute list?
A. The AIU provides various services to 42 school districts in Allegheny County. The majority of services we provide are in Special Education, Vision, Hearing, Speech/Language, and Early Childhood Intervention. Our teachers are required to have a teaching degree and be certified in the state of Pennsylvania. The certifications we require for substitute teaching are listed above. We do not employ Elementary Teachers at the AIU. Therefore, if this is your area of certification you will need to apply directly with a school district. However, you may apply to work as an Instructional Assistant in the Special Education classes.

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