Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies


Adapting for Learning Strategies has four steps.
Each step is illustrated using the Information Organizer as an example.

The Four Step Model

Step 1 Modeling at Three Different Skill Levels
See links at the top of the page for examples

Step 2 Internalize the Learning Strategy

Students organize information by developing their own charts or graphs.

A. Instructor teaches the mneumonic and models

  • Look for the main ideas in the content
  • ADAPT a chart format or structure to fit the type of information presented
  • Develop the chart

B. Have students make a cue card of the mneumonic shown below:


Four different ADAPT activities:

  • What You Need to Know Chart
  • Skeletal Outline
  • Information Organizer
  • Structured Study Guide

Adapting for Learning Strategies assists students at the upper elementary and secondary levels in developing their own study strategies.



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