ADAPT: All Students LearningAll Students Learning

 All Students Learning


The ADAPT Manual is divided into five sections:

The Assessment Section provides a process for identifying the needs of the student and the demands of the general education classroom using a variety of assessment tools: checklists, interviews, and error analysis.

The Instruction Section enables teachers to adapt instructions to meet the needs of students with different learning styles and capabilities. The adapted activities address the areas of:

  • concept development
  • guided reading
  • guided practice
  • application of concept

Samples of adapted activities from different grade levels and content areas are included to serve as models.

The Differentiated Instruction Section shows teachers how to use the ADAPT strategies to help manage a classroom where students are engaged in different activities to meet the same goal.

The Evaluation Section provides ideas for adapting written tests and using alternatives such as projects, manipulatives and application activities to demonstrate how teachers can evaluate students' skills using authentic testing activities. Samples of original and adapted tests are included to visually demonstrate changes in format. Examples of rubrics and performance checklists are included to show alternative measurement tools.

The Management Section provides a model for establishing organizational skills, study skills and self-monitoring procedures in the classroom. Generic templates are provided which can be used directly with students.

This manual assists upper elementary and secondary level teachers:

  • Assess and evaluates student learning needs using curriculum based assessment measures.
  • Modify curriculum and teaching methods for students at the upper elementary and secondary levels.
  • Utilize authentic evaluation tools such as performance checklists, rubrics, and portfolios to measure student progress.
  • Use strategies for developing organizational, study and self-monitoring skills in the classroom. Work in partnership with general and special educators in planning and implementing curricular adaptations.


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