AT Data Collection Tools

The following files are examples of various data collection tools that may be uded during assistive technology trials. Teams should discuss the desired outcomes when reviewing and revising the AT Action Plan, making note of the particular types of data that will be collected. Unless otherwise indicated, all files are posted as Microsoft Word templates so that keyboard entry is possible.

General Use

  • Data Charting to 5 Occurrences - Track frequency of behavior/use for 1-5 occurrences over a course of three weeks per page. Space is provided for 7 goals or activities.
  • Data Charting to 10 Occurrences - Track frequency of behavior/use for 1-10 occurrences over a course of three weeks per page. Space is provided for 4 goals or activities.
  • Data Collection on Correct versus Incorrect - Record number of correct words, incorrect words, correct minus incorrect, and comments for reading, writing, or utterances. Space is provided for 26 records.
  • Data Collection on Multiple Objectives - Track progress on up to 5 objectives. Space is provided for 15 occurrences, comments, and clarification of reinforcement procedures
  • Student Response and Questioning - Record questions posed by staff, wait time, correctness/incorrectness of response, and type of question posed (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation)
  • Time Scan of AT Use - Record student time spent on various activities/behaviors in a defined period over the course of a week.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

  • Number of Location Activations for AAC - Use this sheet to record the number of activations that are made on a particular page or button.  This information can be useful to the team when making decisions about page content and/or vocabulary use on an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device.


  • Task Analysis and Prompt Hierarchy - Collect data on types of prompts provided during a specific task sequence involving up to 8 steps. Sufficient space is provided to chart 10 repetitions of the sequence.

Written Output

  • Written Output Data Collection Sheet - Track time on task, independence, total words, or total sentences produced by hand, keyboard, or with word prediction. Space is alotted for 20 records.

Graphing Pages


  • AT Inventory Sheet - Use this sheet to record information on the student, school, and equipment that has been implemented. The completed document should be maintained with student records and shared with new teams as the child transitions to other grades or buildings. Information includes things such as serial numbers, warranty status, purchase dates, funding source used, accessories, summer storage, password information, and training dates.
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