Community Adult Basic Education Program

Classes offered:

Workplace & Test Preparation

A high school diploma or equivalent is essential for adults who want to obtain employment or pursue additional education or training. The Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s Program can prepare adults to pass the GED test and earn this vital credential while gaining the essential transferable workplace and study skills.

For students wishing to take the GED or Other Pearson test, and not enroll in classes please visit the AIU Pearson testing Site 

For international students, TOEFL is a requirement for many to successfully transition into post-secondary education. The Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s Program can prepare adults to pass the TOEFL test and earn this credential while gaining the transferable workplace and study skills needed to become successful.

English Language Acquisition (ELA) for Adults

The Adult ELA program has classes designed for students to gain employment skills, transition to post-secondary education or prepare for citizenship while improving the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

We offer instruction in English Language Acquisition (ELA) for beginning to advanced level speakers. Classes support students that are developing skills for careers and training in the United States.

Civics based instruction

Students will learn about civic participation and about the rights and responsibilities of United States Citizens. Content will help students prepare to become citizens, or increase community awareness for recently naturalized citizens.

Workplace & Transitioning Partnerships

The AIU's Adult educators have more than 30 years of experience in providing specialty workplace instruction.  Our program provides customized classes for employees and post-secondary organizations to support students in workplace or post-secondary training.  Employers and post-secondary organizations may call 412-281-4494 to discuss their educational needs and explore partnering with our program.  Fee For service may be requested.

Location  and Session Times

Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available and are taught by experienced instructors. Many of our classes are offered in the Forbes- Stevenson building, uptown. This is located on Forbes Avenue, near the Downtown and Oakland areas, minutes away from major universities and hospitals and on several major public transportation routes. Some classes are also offered at local community sites.

For a List of Updated Classes and Locations, Click Here .

To Register

If you are interested in enrolling in a class, fill out the inquiry form, call (412) 281-4494 or email so that we can contact you to get on the waiting list.  Waiting list times may vary depending on class availability and orientation dates.  All students must attend an orientation, goals setting group, and be pre and post tested for class placement of level appropriate instruction.  Students must be able to attend classes regularly and follow our attendance policy to enroll and remain in the class. If you can’t attend our face to face classes, ask about enrolling in a distance learning class!

Volunteer with us

We are always looking for volunteers to help tutor, translate, or help in the office with us.  Volunteers must be willing to work at least 3 hours a week, and complete a training workshop.  Please contact  (412) 281-4494 or email if you are interested.


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