Early Childhood, Family and Community Services

Providing Non-Traditional Services to Learners of All Ages

The Early Childhood, Family and Community Services (ECFCS) Division offers a variety of educational and supportive services to children, youth, adults and families.  Administrators build innovative partnerships with schools, government, businesses and communities to enhance the quality of life for all learners in the region.  The collective impact of these programs helps to move the lives of more than 10,000 children and families forward and, by utilizing one or more of our services, these families are able to enrich our region.   For more information, contact Dr. Catherine Lobaugh at catherine.lobaugh@aiu3.net.

Who Do We Serve?

The ECFCS Division serves many groups including:

  • children ages 3 to 5 who have developmental delays
  • children ages birth to 5
  • adjucated youth
  • homeless children
  • families and adults

Comprehensive community approaches produce outcomes which address quality of life issues through educational initiatives. Specific outcomes resulting from Early Childhood, Family and Community Services programs include:

  • Higher levels of literacy
  • Better prepared workforce
  • School readiness
  • Success in school for children of all abilities
  • Increased graduation rates
  • Increased enrollment in post-secondary education
  • Increased economic security
  • Higher quality of child care
  • Healthier children, families, and communities
  • Integration of schools and communities
  • Enriched learning opportunities for all learners
  • Enhanced community support structures

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