ESL Supplemental Services

These items are administrative and instructional services which are available as a fee for service. Services may be requested in order to address compliant program implementation if the district is not utilizing the direct instruction model for the ESL Program. Please consult the Basic Educational Circular-Educating Students with Limited English Proficiency and the state monitoring instrument.

  • Supervisory Services
  • Formal Student Evaluation
  • Informal Student Evaluation
  • End of the year proficiency testing
  • State English Language Proficiency Testing
  • Student exiting/monitoring procedures
  • Preparation for State Monitoring
  • Attendance at State Monitoring
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation: Curriculum review, Staff record review, complexity of the program and student file review, data collection coordination, etc. the evaluation requirements
  • Curriculum Review Process: Suggest new curriculum Fee depends on the size and and scope and sequence to parallel district complexity of the program and curriculum plan the evaluation requirements
  • ESL Coaching Model
  • ESL Teacher Orientation: for the teacher with limited experience working with ELLs. This is not the same as Induction for new teachers
  • Program Consultation
  • Consult/design district in-service
  • Facilitate district in-service/faculty meetings; district training for forms, policies, and procedures


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