Legislative Policy and Advocacy

Why Advocate?

The answer is simple, to ensure that decisions made in Harrisburg and Washington DC will have a positive impact on education.

Decisions made by policymakers on the federal, state and local level impact us in a variety of ways. For education, the choices made by legislators will directly affect the funding and operations of our schools, evaluation of our teachers, curriculum and instruction, and many others that help us provide a well-rounded education to all students. Legislative decisions benefit our schools, and while many look good on paper, some are unrealistic.

The majority of policymakers want to enact legislation that is positive for education and that helps our communities and schools thrive, and they rely on our expertise!

It is up to us to be the experts in education. We need to do what we do best, educate! The Legislative Policy and Advocacy web pages will provide tips to help you become an effective advocate for education issues. The links below will focus primarily on state and federal legislators, but these tips apply to all levels of policymakers.

Together, we will make a difference and ensure that all students receive a quality education that prepares them for higher education, the workplace and beyond!

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If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Joseph Shaulis, Esq., Director of Legal Affairs and Communication. 

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