Supporting Student Athletes

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit is committed to expanding the knowledge of school administrators and staff, student-athletes, parents, coaches, nurses and professionals regarding Concussion Management, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heat-related Illness to enhance coordination and integration within the educational setting and service delivery systems to effectively support student-athletes. Professional development and technical assistance will be offered to school district personnel and professionals on sports-related concussions, sudden cardiac arrest and heat-related Illness.

Services provided include:

  • overview presentations
  • educational trainings and materials
  • program development
  • establishing a School-based Multidisciplinary Team
  • developing management plans
  • Removal-from-Play and Return-to-Play policies and procedures.

School districts will develop an understanding of techniques used to facilitate school re-entry as well as educational modifications and instructional strategies used for children experiencing any of these health and safety issues regarding academic implications.

Student Athletes

Health and Safety Issues

For detailed information on how you can support these health and safety issues for student athletes, please click on the links below.

The Establishment of a Multidisciplinary Team 

School districts should establish a Multidisciplinary Team. The chart below illustrates the make-up of such a school district team. Team members provide multiple perspectives and observations of the student-athlete and team members provide multiple sources of data. Best practice indicates that a multi-disciplinary team approach is the foundation of good management of concussion, sudden cardiac arrest and other injury of student-athletes. When the community, medical professionals, parents and schools unite, they become a stronger safety net for the student-athlete coordinating care and recovery.

Team Chart

Services supporting student-athletes that may be helpful to your multidisciplinary team may include: Allegheny Intermediate Unit, UPMCImPACTBrainSTEPSPittsburgh Penguins FoundationPA Department of HealthCenter for Disease Control and PreventionPA Department of EducationPIAAWPIAL and other community resources.


Sources: Information for this website has been obtained through collaborations and websites with the Pennsylvania Department of Health(DOH), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA), Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA), National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS), Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society (PATS), Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), University of Pittsburgh Medicine Sports Concussion Program (UPMC), ImPACT Program, BrainSTEPS School Re-entry Program and other research-based informational materials and professionals.

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