First Steps Parenting Program

This program is offered to all parents of newborns who reside in the McKeesport Area School District and includes voluntary home visiting services during the child's first five years. Interested families can enroll during pregnancy, at the time of the child's birth, or before the child turns six months old.  Staff follow up with weekly home visits during the first six weeks of the child's life, and then with monthly home visits until the child is five-years old.  The purpose of the home visits is to provide assistance requested by the parents in areas such as child rearing, preventive health care, and school readiness.  

Services are family centered and address the needs of the child within the context of the family, recognizing that the adults in the family are the primary decision makers. Services focus on supporting the parent, parent/child interaction, and child development. 

Contact Phone Number

(412) 678-5130


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