Executive Leadership Team Members

The mission of the Executive Leadership Team is to collaboratively develop and implement effective strategies to achieve the AIU mission, vision, and beliefs.  The Executive Leadership Team transforms the organization’s mission, vision and beliefs into its daily operations.  

ELT Linda Hippert

Linda Hippert, Ed.D.
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 412-394-5705
Email:  linda.hippert@aiu3.net

ELT Jon Amelio Jon Amelio, MBA
Title: Chief Technology Officer
Phone: 412-394-5710
Email:  jon.amelio@aiu3.net
ELT Rosanne Javorsky Rosanne Javorsky, M.Ed.
Title: Assistant Executive Director for Teaching and Learning
Phone: 412-394-5792
Email:  rosanne.javorsky@aiu3.net
ELT Erin Koebel Erin Koebel
Title: Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Phone: 412-394-5957
Email: erin.koebel@aiu3.net 
ELT Catherine Lobaugh

Catherine Lobaugh, Ed.D.
Title: Assistant Executive Director for Early Childhood, Family and Community Services
Phone: 412-394-5757
Email:  catherine.lobaugh@aiu3.net 

ELT Joe Lucarelli Joseph Lucarelli, MSIT
Title: Chief Finance and Operations Officer
Phone: 412-394-5813
Email:  joseph.lucarelli@aiu3.net
ELT Nanci Sullivan Nanci Sullivan, Ed.D.
Title: Assistant Executive Director for Special Education and Pupil Services
Phone: 412-394-5817
Email: nanci.sullivan@aiu3.net
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