Truancy Prevention Program

The Truancy Prevention Program (TPP) is a coalition of local school districts, the Alternative Education Program (AEP) of the AIU, the Allegheny County Juvenile Court, and the Allegheny County Children Youth and Families (CYF).  These entities all share responsibility for dealing with the problems of habitual truancy.  The TPP was founded on the belief that schools and agencies can work more effectively with the difficult issue of truancy by coordinating efforts.  Because truancy generally begins at an early age and becomes increasingly more difficult to deal with in older children, it was decided to use all of the resources of the TPP for students 14-years old or younger.

What Are The Criteria For Referral?

Age:  Students are accepted into the TPP if they are 14-years old or younger.

Severity of Problem:  Students must have accumulated six or more unexcused absences.

District Magistrate Citation:  It is strongly recommended that the school file a citation before a referral is made.

Local Remedies:  Schools must exhaust their own internal solutions to truancy before referral can be made.  Local remedies may include but are not limited to:

PDE mandated Truancy Elimination Plan,
In-house counseling programs,
Attendance contracts,
Assessment by Student Assistance Program or Instructional Support Team,
Assignment to district operated alternative education classes, or
Referral to community/family/child guidance or MH/MR service centers.

How Is A Referral Initiated?

All Allegheny County and City of Pittsburgh schools have a specific Truancy Case Manager assigned to them.  They will explain the referral process and the information needed in order to process the referral.  For assistance with name and contact information for a specific school, call the AEP Truancy Prevention Program at 412-464-4075.

Truancy Brochure and Enrollment Forms for School Districts

For more information about the Truancy Prevention Program, contact:

Shawna Ricci 
AEP School Counselor/Truancy Case Manager, Truancy Prevention Program
Phone: 412-464-4075

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