Sunrise School

Sunrise School

Address: 550 Aura Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone: 724-325-1132
Fax: 724-327-9179

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Sunrise School, a center-based educational facility in Monroeville, PA, is an integral part of the Operations and Educational Services Division of Allegheny Intermediate Unit.  Sunrise is dedicated to the academic, vocational, social and emotional development of each our students with special needs. 

The focus of Sunrise School is the students.  Our mission is to provide an enriching, challenging and inviting environment. This facilitates the development of more productive citizens with the skills to transition from school to community. Our program is designed to meet each student’s unique needs through an academic curriculum and vocational programs.  Check out our 2016 End of the Year Video. Superhero 5K T-shirt order form.

Our program includes students from ages 5-21 with classes in the following areas:

  • Learning Support  
  • Life Skills Support
  • Multi-disabilities Support
  • Autistic Support-secondary

We serve students primarily from eastern Allegheny County and the surrounding area.  We have a high staff-student ratio.  The building location provides a quiet atmosphere in a peaceful, wooded setting and the single floor design enhances accessibility.   



Sunrise School offers a curriculum to meet each child’s individual needs.  Through the written Reevaluation Reports and the Individual Educational Programs we follow all federal guidelines from IDEA legislation and Pennsylvania State Standards and Regulations.   

Sunrise School has implemented several programs to reach academic needs of students.  We integrate the Frameworks for Independent Living into all areas of the school. Sunrise School has had a long-term commitment to computer technology. We continue to expand in this area.  Our students are encouraged to develop their computer skills.

Each morning, students broadcast opening exercises and announcements through the school’s closed circuit cable network. This program is a wonderful confidence builder and a practical opportunity to use reading, communication and signing skills.


Speech/Language Therapy Services provide specially designed instruction to students to develop or improve communication skills. 

Hearing Support and Interpreting Services offer a total communications approach involving the use of signing and augmentative devices. 

Blind/Vision support includes mobility instruction within the school and in the community.

Physical and Occupational Therapy are also provided. The school has a full-sized therapy room and is staffed by experienced therapists.

Full-time nursing services for medication administration and monitoring are provided. 

Behavior support is provided through a behavior specialist who facilitates a specific plan for each student when needed. 

Social work and guidance services are provided when needed.


Career Development

Sunrise has a transition consultant who coordinates programs and services in the area of transition when students reach the age of 14.  Student transition from classroom learning to a work environment is of utmost importance. Students of all ability levels are taught that there is dignity, respect and a great sense of accomplishment connected to working. Coordinated community work experiences, transition services, travel training and job coaching are included in this program. 

Work Center

Product assembly, addressing and bulk mailing, packaging and bagging are just a few of the jobs students perform as they develop skills leading to competitive and/or sheltered employment.

Practical Assessment Exploration System

Students receive training and assessment in basic career/vocational skills.  This is a simulated work environment, designed to help identify areas of interest and skills. This program is available to middle school/high school students.

Food Service

Students are introduced to food preparation, sanitation and other aspects of the food service industry. They prepare lunchtime meals for the staff several days a week.

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

Students are taught to use the tools and skills important to building and grounds maintenance. Personal safety is an important part of the program.  The students learn how to maintain the interior and exterior of the building including all components of a year-round greenhouse located in our courtyard.  

In School Work Exploration

This program offers a variety of different jobs such as copy service, delivery and various other simulated job experiences.

Job Site Training

Sunrise School is working with local business to set up job training/assessment sites. Students receive on the job training in food service, personal care assistance and building/grounds. Job coaches provide instruction on the job site and the program is overseen by our transition consultant.


Special area programming is a part of each student’s schedule.  Activities are designed to correlate with classroom instruction.

Physical education adapts to each student’s abilities and needs to promote maximum physical performance. 

The art program offer students an expressive outlet in the areas of drawing, printing, painting, relief and sculpture.

The home economics program teaches practical activities for independent living including personal hygiene, food preparation, cleaning, laundry and dressing.    

The music program includes activities in the areas of appreciation, movement, concepts of music and enrichment.


Directions to Sunrise School from the AIU:

  • Take the Homestead High Level Bridge onto Browns Hill Road
  • Continue onto Beechwood Boulevard
  • Take the Parkway East, I-376, for about 10 miles, proceeding past Monroeville Business 22
  • Exit toward Murrysville, Route 22 East
  • At the third traffic light, make a left onto Elliot Road; proceed 1 mile
  • Turn right at the stop sign onto Aura Drive and continue into the parking lot
  • Enter through the center doors


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